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Light Up Kibera - Impact of Rockefeller Foundation's Support in 2019

In 2019, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Light Up Kibera initiative, marking a transformative moment for Gatwekera Village in Kibera. The impact of this support has been profound, positively influencing various aspects of the community.

Street Lighting and Community Safety: The installation of street lights along a mile of streets has brought significant benefits to the area. Every day, 50,000 workers passing through these well-lit streets experience improved safety and security. The enhanced visibility has notably reduced criminal activities and increased the overall sense of safety in the community.

Educational Advancements: The improved lighting conditions have also benefited 5,000 students from the Olympic School. With better illumination, these students can now safely attend classes and extend their studies into the evening, thereby enhancing their educational opportunities and outcomes.

Economic Growth: The presence of reliable lighting has enabled 500 shops in Gatwekera Village to extend their operating hours. This extension has not only increased their income but also created more economic opportunities within the community. The local businesses can now serve more customers, boosting the Kadogo economy and supporting the livelihoods of many residents.

Since the Rockefeller Foundation's intervention in 2019, the Light Up Kibera initiative has demonstrated remarkable success in enhancing safety, education, and economic growth in Gatwekera Village. The ongoing benefits continue to uplift the community, setting a strong foundation for further development and prosperity.


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