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HNP Collaborates On U.N. Art Install #TurnOffThePlasticTapTo Inspire Plastic Waste Reform

We have some exciting updates to share! Our team at the Human Needs Project's Kibera Town Centre in Nairobi partnered with Artist Ben Von Wong to build a nearly 40-ft art installation that is currently on display in the courtyard of the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi during the first-ever Plastics Treaty. The art piece was permitted to be strategically placed at the UNEA 5.2 summit so that all of the 1500 delegates assembled to discuss the treaty walk by the art piece every day. The concept was to use art as a vehicle to bring awareness of the way plastics are impacting disfranchised communities that are without access to services to deal with plastic waste, like the people in the slums of Kibera.

On March 2nd, the U.N. officials agreed to create the first treaty to limit plastic pollution. This event is being nicknamed “Paris Agreement for Plastics” because of its historic importance, and we are proud to be a part of the process.

Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, tweeted about our project. Turn Off The Plastic Tap was also featured on Washington Post, Reuters, United Nations, Daily Maverick, and more, garnering a lot of international attention and coverage!

During construction, the project provided 100 additional jobs to the community. The art piece used over 1 ton of plastics that were scavenged from the slums of Kibera, cleaned, sanitized, and strung by local women. The installation was sponsored by the cryptocurrency community Degen Trash Pandas and inspired additional donations to support our efforts. We are continuing our work on waste reduction to not only limit plastic pollution, but to develop waste management infrastructure in places like Kibera.


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