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Grand Opening of Kibera's First Water Bottling Plant with Grundfos' CEO

A huge THANK YOU to Poul Due Jensen, CEO and the Grundfos team for joining us at the grand opening of Kibera’s very first Water Bottling Plant. Their presence was not just supportive, it was a testament to the power of community and this incredible partnership! This project isn’t just about providing clean water; it’s about empowering the community through enhanced business and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Poul Due Jensen, CEO of Grundfos, says, “I had the honor of opening a new bottling plant for the Human Needs Project in Africa’s biggest slum. Co-initiated by Connie Nielsen and David Warner, this project was supported by the Grundfos Foundation | PDJF to establish a dynamic and innovative approach to provide a variety of water services to the local community, as well as give young people a fighting chance outside of the slum area by building their skills and finding them a job.”

Grundfos’ commitment to sustainable water solutions inspires us, and their enthusiasm gives us even more motivation to push forward in our mission to provide clean, safe drinking water to our community and beyond. Here’s to a future where everyone has access to the water they need to thrive!


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