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Emergency Relief: Urgent Support Needed for Kenya

We are reaching out with a critical update and an urgent call for support. Recent weeks have seen devastating floods sweep through Kenya, severely affecting lives and livelihoods across the nation. According to the latest data from CNN, the impact is heartrending: at least 71 lives lost, 110 individuals hospitalized. Approximately 131,450 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN AFFECTED as floods swept through almost half of Kenya.

Severe impacts on vulnerable communities like Kibera

The floods have hit hardest in informal settlements like Kibera where lack of infrastructure severely worsens the crisis. Slum residents are disproportionately affected compared to those in more developed parts of Nairobi, struggling with the immediate effects of the flooding and the long-term repercussions on their homes.

Source: Monicah Mwangi/Reuters Source: Simon Maina/AFP

Besides the financial risks, there are health dangers from standing water. There's a big chance of getting sick from waterborne diseases, especially when sewage mixes with runoff. It's a big concern after someone's drowned.

Personal Stories: HNP Team and Beneficiaries

Among those affected is Daniel Okoth, known professionally as Futwax, Human Needs Project's Music Producer, Kibera native. Daniel has been with HNP for 6 years. Last year, he lead the Voices of Kibera project, a pioneering initiative that provided an opportunity for 20 other artists to professionally record their songs, gain recognition, and perform on international stages. The flood caused serious damage to Daniel's home.

“My door is so close to a drainage system. And due to this drainage system, polluted water penetrates inside my house. This flooding is crazy and it traumatized my family.”  Daniel Okoth, Kibera local, HNP Music Producer

Daniel's family

Another personal story from Kibera is about an elderly woman named Molly Oluoch, a member of SACCO, a special banking program offered by the Human Needs Project.

Molly at her home in Kibera

“I cannot sleep in my bed because of the heavy rains. At times I sit up the whole night. When it rains, water links from the roof. The wall in my house has collapsed. I fear someone might come in through the wall and attack me."

Molly Oluoch, Kibera local, SACCO member

In response to this disaster, we have initiated an emergency relief program to provide immediate aid and support recovery efforts for our staff and community members. Our team has already urgently relocated Daniel and his family to a safe space, and we are working on assisting more flood victims.

We are calling on our donors and the international community to join us during this critical time. Your support can provide immediate relief to those most in need and help rebuild the lives of our staff and community members.

Your contribution, no matter the size, is especially important during this difficult time.


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