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  • Alisa Bushueva

HNP launches a Recycling Program in Kibera with Mr. Green!

We are thrilled to share our collaboration with Mr. Green Africa, the first recycling company to be a Certified B Corporation on the African continent. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to not only address environmental issues but also to uplift and provide tangible benefits to the community we serve. By integrating Mr Green Africa's innovative approach to recycling with our commitment to fulfilling basic human needs, we are setting the stage for a transformative change in Kibera.

Stella Mwania, Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, demonstrates to children how to use a cage for recycling PET bottles.

How It Works

At the heart of this collaboration is the introduction of a PET plastic collection cage, strategically placed at the Kibera Town Center. This cage invites the community to participate actively in environmental conservation by providing a convenient location for plastic disposal. This innovative system not only incentives recycling but also supports the local economy.

The Benefits Unfold

For every kilogram of plastic waste deposited, community members earn 15 Green Points, directly equivalent to 15 KES. The points accrued from recycling efforts represent more than just numbers; they serve as keys to unlocking access to a variety of services offered at the Human Needs Project, including clean water, sanitation services or skills training.

Residents of Kibera use a cage to dispose of PET bottles.

“This innovative approach incentives responsible waste management, promotes a cleaner environment, and fosters economic empowerment in the community.” Peter Muthaura, Director of Training and Strategic Partnerships at Human Needs Project

This collaboration with Mr Green Africa is more than just a campaign against plastic pollution; it's a movement towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for Kibera and beyond.

Celebrate Peter Muthaura's Nomination for The PET Heroes 2024 Award! is the first regenerative network within the plastics industry that seeks, promotes and powers the best solutions to the systemic issues surrounding plastics. The PET Heroes 2024 award has unveiled an inspiring lineup of nominees, each bringing a unique approach to tackling the global plastic waste challenge. Peter was nominated for this innovative solution that allows residents to recycle plastic waste and earn points that can be redeemed for vital services. Voting will last until April 15th.


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