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Daughters for Earth visits Human Needs Project, Kibera

We recently had the honor of hosting the incredible team from Daughters for Earth. This movement is a powerful force celebrating and amplifying the tireless efforts of women and girls worldwide who are leading the charge in safeguarding our planet. They support women-led projects, increase awareness about the vital role women play in climate solutions, and mobilize other women and girls to take proactive steps to protect our planet.

In 2023, Daughters for Earth supported our Urban Farming program, allowing us to invest more resources in expansion and education of female farmers. We were so excited to welcome the Daughters for Earth team in Kibera to show them our impact in person!

Concluding their visit, the representatives from the Daughters for Earth movement left us inspired and ready to deepen our commitment to environmental sustainability. Their insights and shared dedication have not only affirmed the importance of our ongoing projects but have also opened up avenues for future collaboration. We look forward to building on this momentum, as we continue to strive for a greener, more resilient community together!


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