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2022 IMPACT 

We are a data-driven organization committed to proving whether our town centers are unleashing meaningful impacts for individuals and communities.



We are a team of volunteers, innovators and local community members who are collaborating internationally to build environmentally and financially sustainable “town centers” in urban slums that provide opportunities for residents to realize their full potential and chart a path out of poverty. 


Our active project is the Kibera Town Centre (KTC) in Nairobi, Kenya which opened its doors in 2014.​ KTC is located in the heart of Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa. 




Worldwide, over a billion people live in slums. That number will double by 2030 (UN Habitat).

Life in slums is defined by lack of basic water, sanitation, and energy infrastructure. These conditions fuel rampant social and health problems and accelerate the vicious cycle of extreme poverty.



We are pioneering a new model for integrated service delivery, a single platform combining the services and supports needed to thrive.

The Kibera Town Centre provides the essential infrastructure and social services to empower people to break out of poverty.




Kibera Town Centre is an integrated platform, providing the essential infrastructure and social services for people in informal settlements, such as

  • Clean Water

  • Laundry

  • Eco-Shop (cookstoves, battery charging service, solar street lights and more)

  • Modern toilets and hot showers

  • Healthy food cafeteria 

  • Music Studio and Art Centre 

  • Training Academy

  • Cyber Lab

  • Photography School

  • Saving and Credit Coop



students graduated from our training program​ to date

Since opening the doors of the Kibera Town Centre in 2014, we have provided education to over 3,572 individuals between the age of 18 and 35 years old, a large number of which are women, including young mothers. Some of the most popular classes include Basic Information Technology; Online Jobs Skills; Business and Entrepreneurship; and Cryptocurrency Classes.

Watch this video to learn about a cryptocurrency education project in collaboration with Corsali, Celo and WFP. 
Video was created by Human Needs Project Nikon Film Students.


of our students immediately transition into online paid work

As employment opportunities are very limited in the slum with daily earnings averaging around $1, Kibera residents are hungry for opportunities to earn income. Our goal is to not only educate our community but also provide them with real work and income through microwork.

Microwork is a form of digital labour that breaks up big projects into hundreds of smaller tasks that can be completed on a mobile phone in minutes. Our Training Academy provides the skills needed to complete these tasks, after which the students transition into paid opportunities. 

Watch this video to learn more about our community and the goals of the Training Academy from our Training Director Peter Muthaura. Video was created by Human Needs Project Nikon Film Students.

We are not your typical NGO.

Kibera Town Centre

Whereas many international NGOs operate with a charity mentality, we are operating in a solidarity mentality.

Traditional notions of charity tend to engender self-seeking behavior from influential community members at the expense of the community, and with that ongoing dependencies on external agents; this is not a viable model for community resilience.

KTC Training Academy Annual Revenue

Training Academy_Revenue

KTC sales trends demonstrate that even those living in extreme poverty are willing and able to pay for critical services, bypassing dependency to achieve confidence, skills, and access to opportunities. The Training Academy is one of our most profitable programs, bringing 16-25% of total monthly revenue.  


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