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Jill Reber

HNP Board Member

Jill Reber, General Manager of Data Privacy, and former Primitive Logic CEO, is a nationally recognized expert on data privacy — particularly GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws — and has spoken on the topic at events sponsored by American Banker, International In-House Counsel Journal, Information Management, the American Bar Association, and other national and international organizations.

Jill started with Primitive Logic as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and CFO in 1990 and became CEO and Chair in 2008. She recognizes that technology is nothing without people, and humanizes technology through a mindful consulting approach. She puts integrity and client success first, hiring and retaining experienced and passionate people who care about relationships and a quality outcome.

Jill is passionate about mentorship, and is a mentor at Santa Clara University through their Women's Corporate Board Readiness Program, and the Miller Center's Global Social Benefit Institute.

Jill Reber
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