Human Needs Project is improving the livelihood of people living in the urban slum of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since we opened the Kibera Town Centre 226,000 people have visited the facility in Kibera.

Since 2014, customers have purchased 400,778 products and services at the Kibera Town Centre.

– Laundry services, showers, clean drinking water and toilets
– High-speed Internet, a computer lab and classrooms
– Eco-product store, library, and café
– Savings and credit cooperative for low-interest loans

We are constantly evaluating our progress, and adapting to make our work better.

Human Needs Project believes in transparency, and sharing our knowledge to empower others who are working to make positive change throughout the world.

This change can be seen and measured in many different ways -- we are committed to capturing information about our impact from all angles to bring the most complete picture of what HNP can do for the community.